Digital Sales

€7,95 / monatlich
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  • Start selling your digital products
  • Products become immediately available
  • Email templates and the download pages are fully customizable

    Why my digital sales?

    Start selling any type of digital product within your Lightspeedshop. Selling and managing your digital products is simple and fully automated.


    Your digital products can easily be sold alongside your physical products. Our App automatically recognizes whether the customer has ordered a digital product. Once the customer has placed the order and the payment has been made, he or she will receive an email with a link to a special download page and can download his product here.


    How does my digital sales work?

    Simply link your digital products to your online products and the application will do the rest.

    Email templates and the download pages are fully customizable to your own corporate identity.


    There are several package sizes within the application that can be used. For prices click here

    The application can be used from € 7.95 p.m. at 500mb storage.



    Step 1: Install the App and login. (your login details will be sent by e-mail)

    Step 2: Add a main product.

    Step 3: Link one or more digital products to your online product and save.

    Step 4: Save your configuration. Dynamic Default Variant does the rest.


    About CMDC

    We are CMDC. We provide customization and support for Monkey Ventures apps for your e-commerce store. Our plug-and-play Apps ensure increased turnover and a more efficient process. You can now focus on things that really matter, such as growing your business.


    About Monkey Ventures

    Monkey Ventures develops and hosts Apps for your e-commerce store. With our own servers in the Netherlands, Germany, Finland and the USA, we are always close by and independent of third-party hosting.


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    Questions, new ideas or feedback? Please contact us at [email protected].