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The SoftTec GmbH offers everything from one source: from PMS to IBE to cash register systems

Maximum freedom from errors

SoftTec GmbH offers with the interface the optimal connection between PMS and POS. This means you can book directly from the POS to the PMS. The exchange of data takes place in real-time. Thus sources of error can be minimized and the speed can be maximized. Our interface guarantees you the maximum freedom from errors.

SoftTec GmbH has been developing numerous brands since 1986, which not only benefit hoteliers, but also companies with field staff or service employees. Our brands receive several awards every year. Thus we can proudly call several AHGZ Best brands, Top Hotel Star Awards and test winners our own. We offer the hoterlier everything from one single provider: Property Management System, internet booking engine, cash registers, web design, coupon software and much more.

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