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More than an Order & Pay solution, Onvi provides an enterprise-grade sales platform consisting of software designed to drive sales and increase customer base with all the features needed to start, run and grow a hospitality business.

Onvi improves efficiency with smart order management software and removes the need for delivery aggregator commissions. It increases sales by facilitating faster table turnover and boosting spend per head with targeted offers and upsells. Pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants can delight their customers with beautiful menus and seamless, instant payments.

Built to increase sales and improve efficiencies for Order at Table, Pickup and Delivery, Onvi offers all hospitality operators rich features and powerful tools to boost profits.

Tipping, custom vouchers and promotions, QR code marketing materials, and access to deep insights and reporting is available to every user. Onvi offers an enterprise-grade sales platform for both enterprise and SMEs, all whilst charging lower card transaction fees than the popular payment-only providers.

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Produkt: Restaurant